Nothing’s more funny like seeing a meme and for it to be relatable either to you or someone you know. Meme’s have become a part of our daily social media consumption and even though they’re hard to miss, when they hit home – they usually hit hard. Almost every industry has dedicated meme accounts that takes jabs ideologies and industry tendencies.
We have collected the top 10 hard-hitting, in your face, punch to the gut fashion meme accounts to follow.
1. Siduations (@siduations)


2. Gryffindior (@gryffindior)


3. You’ve Got No Male (@youvegotnomale)


4. Fake Yeezy Boosts (@fakeyeezyboosts)


5. Shit Model Management (@shitmodelmgmt)


6. Meme Saint Laurent (@meme_saint_laurent)


7. Dick Owens Online (@dickowensonline)


8. Dank Art Director Memes (@dankartdirectormemes)


9. Fashion Assistants (@fashionassistants)


10. Freddie Made (@freddiemade)



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