Young and up-and-coming designers are struggling the hardest these days in the fashion realm. To make sure you can still shop your favourite designers after the COVID-19 virus is over here are 8 ways you can support your favourite brands.

1. Share your favourite brands on social media to increase awareness

2. Spend money on the brands you support through their own online stores

3. Ask up-and-coming designers if you can pre-order collections to help them fund their collections

4. Shop from small business who place large orders with up-and-coming brands to insure that they are able to do so for the forthcoming seasons

5. Donate money to causes that supports young designers

6. Educate your friends on the importance of local brands

7. Look out for pages created by designers in need

8. Assist them with abilities they might need, i.e. photography, writing, delivering goods, supply etc.

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