It’s becoming rarer and rarer these days to stand out, the dark blanket of social media has clouded our feeds with nonsensical posts that lead to nowhere, but every now and then – a special picture comes up that makes your jaw drop, your palms sweat and makes your heartbeat just a little bit faster. The DIDU Metal Hook Heels is a perfect example of this, the strange, absurd, gothic, sexy and bonafide badass nature of the shoe demands attention, but like most images that feature unorthodox footwear, could this be real? We’ve seen butterfly-knife heels, oranges as wedges and even toilet paper heels flood the gates of social media. So is this shoe sitting in a box somewhere ready to be worn? Can it be real? These are the thought that plummets through one’s mind when first seeing the now insta-famous shoe from the Chinese-born, Antwerp-based designer DIDU. Its razor-sharp stiletto boot silhouette evokes faint memories of 90s horror films and rising sexualisation of the stiletto during that time period. It’s sleek, foot-hugging in nature, but cuts you off at the ankle, if not by the heel. It’s alluring oil-spillage like gloss reflects in daylight and is complemented by the most memorable heel perhaps of our decade, the twisted open-faced metal hook, can it be worn? absolutely, but should it? It’s not for the faint of heart – but mark our words, this is a collector’s piece worthy of a glass chamber.

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