She inspired and changed a whole generation through her punk-themed clothes, here is everything you need to know about the latest designer to join the L’Insane, Vivienne Westwood.
In 1970s London Vivienne Westwood found herself and her partner, Malcolm McLaren drained from inspiration. The couple had been particularly interested in politics, rebellion and activism – which had no place or no significance in 70s aesthetics. Vivienne, being the crafty person she is, she started sewing clothes for her partner, which inevitably evolved into a biker-style aesthetic, featuring zippers, leather, skulls and graphics from motorcycle clubs.
Clear signifiers of punk wear in today’s realm of fashion. Together with her partner McLaren, the two created a number of t-shirts featuring political messages, little did they know they would change the fashion world forever. McLaren, a key figure in the Sex Pistols doubled up on music and fashion with Westwood, the reason McLaren is an important figure in the history of Vivienne Westwood is that they together set the sartorial standards for punk attire and activist forward clothing.
“On the English side, we have tailoring and an easy charm, on the French side that solidity of design and proportion that comes from never being satisfied because something can always become more refined” – Vivienne Westwood
Vivienne Westwood is one of the last remaining legends in fashion, next to Donatella, Rei, Miuccia, Ralph, Tommy and Giorgio. Today, Vivienne Westwood the brand is primarily designed by her partner Andreas Kronthaler, but she is in no way a silent partner. Together they continue to break the barriers for contemporary expressionistic and activist-driven clothing. Continuing to change the tropes of fashion in the most punk way possible

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