The coronavirus has affected our beloved industry, our culture, friends and families for over four months now. But people working in artistic sectors have been forgotten and is currently struggling more than ever, especially models. For those who gave up on their dreams of becoming a model relatively early and is unaware of how the industry works, it’s important for you to understand that the modelling industry isn’t a secure job, it comes with zero benefits. Working as a model is a project-based profession, just like any other freelance job, like a hairstylist, makeup artist, stylist, photographer, retoucher, music producer or journalist. In the midst of these corona days, a lot of issues has risen on a global scale as it becomes clear that artistic jobs are the most vulnerable in a crisis.
Men’s and Couture Week have officially been cancelled, and we would be foolish to think we’re seeing a ready to wear season at all this year, this leaves hundreds if not thousands of models without work, without food, without housing and without pay. Thankfully, at least in the US and in the UK, the requirements for financial benefits have loosened, and several crowdfunding funds have been started in order to help struggling freelancers, like the Photographer fund and Art Council England’s COVID-19 support. However, there are still models out there struggling, not being able to work, not being able to receive the help they need. In the times of crisis, don’t forget culture, how important culture is and who creates culture. Because right now, these people are in need of your help.

Photo credits: Andrea Adriani

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