Credits: Versace Home

We’ve all seen Versace home, with its gold medusa plastered robes, slippers, plates, ashtrays and chairs. Same goes for Chanel with its pillows and throws, not to mention Hermes and Dior’s homeware lines that allows its luxury clients to connect their love of fashion with their home surroundings. These elements are not frivolous designs created to make an extra buck for a big fashion house, its a strategic means to enforce the brand identity across a multitude of sub-genres.
Fashionable homeware, created by designers has for years been predominantly driven by luxury fashion houses, like the ones previously mentioned. It’s sold next to its ready to wear and accessories, and often seen as decor in the shops. Louis Vuitton, for instance, sells these items online, proving that homeware is on the rise, even with its hefty price tag. We’re not even going to discuss the pricing for Rick Owens furniture, it’s heartbreaking. Speaking of broken hearts, Ludovic de Saint Sernin is the latest fashion designer to venture out into the world of homeware. His first homeware collection features a wide range of plates and incense burners with fitting embossed detailing like a ‘Top’ or a ‘Bottom’, or his incense burner that resembles a broken heart, that could also be seen worn as a chest plate in his AW20 collection. Through his venture into homewares, Ludovic de Saint Sernin proves that homewares aren’t just a way for the top tier luxury brands to convey their aesthetic, it’s also within reach for thriving young designers too.

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