A whole new world!
Disney is doing something right, earlier this year the broadcast company ended one of their biggest teen tv-shows, Cyrus Now and Then, with a gay love story where with the main character comes out as gay to one of his close friends and ends the show with holding hands with his crush. Not to mention that just two years ago, Disney released their first openly gay character in the remake of Beauty and the Beast, LeFou.
We got a long and rocky road ahead of us, shaking off pro-life, anti-gay propaganda followers, but Disney is making the necessary steps to change cartoons for kids of all identities and sexualities as it appears that LGBTQI+ representation is a big part of Disney’s agenda. Earlier this month Disney confirmed the fact that there would be not one, but two gay characters starring in their latest Star Wars Resistance animated series. For its second season of intergalactic war, the show has included a happy gay couple named Orka and Flix.
Orka and Flix, has quickly become fan-favourite characters from the Disney Channel’s Star Wars Resistance animated series, and the characters appear not to be afraid to mix business and pleasure. During the press rollout of the new season, the producer of the show, Justin Ridge confirmed the fact that the two shop owners are a couple.
Disney has also taken strides for living fictional characters representing the LGBTQI+ community, with Donald Glover playing a pansexual character named Lando Calrissian.
Slowly, but surely all genders and all sexualities will have their shared representation in cartoons and animated series. Kids truly need more than a princess fairytale story or Bob the builder.

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