The new dating app Butterfly is target towards the trans community and comes with a very special feature. Dating as trans is no easy walk in the park and dating platforms can actually make things worse at times. The stupidity and ignorance of cis-people can, in fact, make dating online a brutal experience for many within the LGBTQ+ community. Butterfly, the new dating app for the trans community comes with a neat and quite frankly a revolutionising feature, a built-in technology that autocorrects transphobic messages for its users. David Ronald Minns is the creator of the app and started it not necessarily to give something to the trans community, but he created it to educate cis-users about hurtful and insensitive messages. Minns has created dating apps for years and saw an increasingly amount of insensitive content on dating platforms surrounding trans users, hence the birth of Butterfly. The app already has more than 40.000 active users and is not strictly for the trans community. It’s for everyone, think of it like Tinder, without offensive messages and having to wait for someone to contact you. On Butterfly, members of the trans community can be themselves and engage in romance freely, without offensive slurs and insensitive commentary. Now that’s the type of LGBTQ+ energy we need in 2020.

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