Get to know the latest member of the L’Insane family, Untitlab from China who creates the most incredible non-binary shoeporn ranging from derby shoes to boots and sneakers.

What is your name?
My name is Sans Peng.
How old are you?
25 years old.
Where are you from?
Shenzhen, China.
How did you land on the brand name of Untitlab?
untitlab™ takes its name from artists unable to give a title to their works. By providing an
opportunity to showcase development, we invite the public to actively participate in
establishing individual scenarios for use.
How long have you been designing?
I love painting when I was young, I’ve studied art since high school and designed products
like furniture and speakers in my university. Until the last year, I started to make the shoes
and continue to now.
What is the best part about being a designer?
Creating something fun and to share it with people.
What is the worst part about being a designer?
Less sleep.
What is the brand ethos?
Breaking boundaries and restraints, inspiring self-identification and transcendence,
transmitting happiness and to be confident.
How would you describe your own work?
I design shoes and make beautiful things happen, but somehow I would like to try my best to
integrate the supply chain and make a more sustainable production.
Who do you admire in the realm of fashion?
Martin Margiela.
Where did you study?
Birmingham City University in the UK.
Where do you find inspiration?
The normal life between me and my friends.
Describe the feeling of seeing your own work sold in a store?
Excited and curious. Wondering how the feeling will be like from a customers in Paris.
Tips for new designers looking for advice?
Enjoy the work you create and try to make it come true.

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