The American singer came out as pansexual in 2018, but just recently, Janelle Monáe has officially come out as non-binary.
Janelle Monáe proved one thing with her coming out story, you definitely don’t always need to scream the loudest to be heard. The artist came out on Twitter in the most chilled way imaginable, with a tweet that simply read: #IMNonBinary followed with an earth emoji. The singer has been an LGBTQ+ activist for years, and following her recent announcement of being pansexual in 2018, the singer joins a wide array of celebrities that now have chosen to discard their pronouns. The tweet also included a retweet from @camrynieroway, that reads “There is absolutely nothing better than living outside the gender binary”, followed by the same hashtag Monáe used in her tweet. The hashtag was trending all day when Monáe posted her tweet, which sparked a massive wave of users sharing their identity with the hashtag. What is truly beautiful about celebrities like Janelle Monáe coming out in public is that it makes it a lot easier for fans who are struggling with their own voice and their road towards coming out. Monáe has so far joined Sam Smith, Jonathan Van Ness, Indya Moore and Asia Kate Dillon in the beautiful realm of They/Them.

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