Kevin Feige from Marvel Studios dropped a major bomb surrounding the company’s forthcoming plans to create a transgender superhero in an interview with the New York Film Academy.
The boss over at Marvel Studios recently did a live interview with the audience at New York Film Academy, when someone in the audience asked what we’ve all been waiting for, will Marvel create more inclusivity and diversity within their superhero realms? In the interview, Feige responded very openly about the company’s plans for the future, “Very soon. In a movie that we’re shooting right now,” said Feige. The follow-up questions were more specific and were more surrounding the possibilities of a transgender superhero, where Feige concluded with; “Yes, absolutely. Yes.”
This year, Marvel’s forthcoming movie The Eternals will introduce Marvel movies’ first openly gay character and rumours say that the phase 4 for the MCU (films following the Avengers Infinity Saga) will include a trans superhero. As well as a trans superhero, we will also be blessed with a deaf superhero in The Eternals and an Asian-American superhero in the same franchise.
Kevin Feige has confirmed that The Eternals would star Marvel’s first gay character, but waiting for our future trans hero, we’re just hoping the casting is as diverse as their plans to include more LGBTQ identities in their superhero stories.

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