As a heterosexual woman observing and celebrating pride with my LGBTQI+ friends, I’m stunned and disgusted with some of the behaviour leading up to Pride.
Pride has gone from being a small and often local celebration of the LGBTQI+ community to a global sensation of gender, sex, sexes, awareness, love, unity and diversity. This, all being, of course, the most natural and beautiful thing to ever happen to the community – there is one bittersweet factor no one seems to address. The companies that are capitalising on the Pride month, we’re talking millions made of someone else’s hardship, fight, identity and strength. It’s a bit like, thank you for coming – who invited you?
Now let’s get one thing straight, inclusivity by major corporations is beautiful and should absolutely be applauded. However, where are these companies outside the fabulous and extravagant month of Pride when they are not making a buck from your celebration?
It can’t be just me that thinks it’s a bit strange that McDonald’s had Pride flag coloured cups for french fries last year? H&M, Nike, major department stores and especially Adidas have all cashed in heavily on the Pride month and its colours. Adidas even had a tab on their page selling “pride packs” for Pride month. Isn’t it funny how several of the previously mentioned brands were the main sponsor for last year’s football world cup which was held in anti-lgbtqi+ Russia? See my problem here?
I’m questioning the sincerity by these companies because in all fairness this is a day of celebration and not a pay-day. Now, these companies do make donations to Pride organisations, but trust me – it’s nothing compared to the money they make. H&M donated
10% of the sale from their Pride collection last year, 10% is below what you would tip an average waiter at a restaurant.
With all this information, I hope you think twice when preparing or attending your nearest Pride celebration. Awareness is the goal – but at what price?

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