Growing up gay can be quite the challenge, both pre and post coming out. It’s no secret that countries with strict religious beliefs and ingrown social norms have made it hard for gay men and women to thrive in their communities, L’Insane looks at the world’s worst countries to live as a gay citizen.

All sexual same-sex engagements are banned in Malaysia under Islamic law. In 2018 two women were found guilty and punished by caning (beating with sticks on naked bodies) in a case that sparked global controversy.

It’s no secret that Russia is at the top for hating homosexuality, in 2013, Vladimir Putin introduced a law banning what he called “gay propaganda” to minors in Russia. The law is furthermore filled with long details of homophobic ideology.

Being gay in Japan is not easy, but being trans might be even worse. Japanese governments are forcing transgender people to undergo sterilisation before their being legally able to change their gender identity.

Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nigeria, Sudan and Somalia
Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Nigeria, Sudan and Somalia work under Mauritanian law, a law system that provides the government with the possibility of giving a death sentence by stoning to same-sex couples.

Same-sex marriage and same-sex adoption are illegal in Azerbaijan. In 2017 several homosexual citizens were taken during a police raid, the captivated gay men were tortured and beaten as a result of the law system in Azerbaijan.

Gay sex is punishable by up to 30 years in jail in Tanzania. A conviction could lead to a jail sentence of up to 30 years.

The United States of America
The United States has during the Trump presidency removed several measures to protect the LGBT+ community. His administration has also set out on a quest to bar and ban as many trans people as possible serving in the US military.

The Sharia Laws in Afghanistan does not recognize same-sex marriage or domestic partnership.
Homosexuality is still, even in 2019 a violation of Sharia Laws and is punishable by imprisonment, mainly public prison over a long period of time. People convicted of homosexuality are often sentenced to prison. Members of the LGBT+ community are also not allowed to serve in the military.

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